Need a tracking unit?

Vehicle Tracking

Smaller, simpler and so much more affordable…

The tracking unit is a wired device that fits easily into your vehicle.  ICASA approved.

Now that’s a bargain…

A qualified Technician will install your tracking device, normally within 60 minutes of initiation.  You will be back on the road before you know it!

It really is a great investment.

You get: 

Access to an Android/IOS Application to track your vehicle in live time“Drive To” Function to easily locate the vehicle. Vehicle Lock (Movement notification).

24/7 Stolen Vehicle Recovery.

We only charge R1 150.00 for installation. 36 Month  Contract @ R180.00 per month.

Book & Pay Now ~You will get the tracker installed for only R999.00

Book an appointment today!  Pay now & get installation for only R999.

Note* Please continue with the booking below – once you have completed you will be re-directed to a thank you page where you can choose to pay now and receive a discount or, settle payment once you arrive at our office.

CarNet Tracking